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Love That Just Wasn't Meant To Be


To explain the cover art...Yep, that's Mickey Mouse breaking up and saying goodbye to a girl he loved, who isn't Minnie...silly thing is he only knew this girl, Samantha is her name, for a month and nearly married her. She's from an Italian 1990 comic, Ho Sposato Una Strega, or "I Married a Witch". Basically Bewitched but with the marriage gone sour because she was so not low key. I translated the darn thing too and hoo boy is it a doozy. If anyone's interested I wrote a whole drabble that basically explains the entire plot of the comic as if it were Mickey telling an embarrassing story, which it is 'cause after knowing the girl for a measly month he almost married her and she's a witch! The story can be found here:

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