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1. a song that makes you happy
2. a song that makes you sad
3. a song that annoys you
4. a song that scares you
5. a song that makes you nervous
6. an 8-bit song
7. a 16-bit song
8. protagonist's theme
9. antagonist's theme
10. a title screen song
11. an overworld/map song
12. a song that plays in a town
13. a boss battle
14. a final level/dungeon song
15. a final boss theme
16. a game over theme
17. credits/ending theme
18. a song from a shooter game
19. a song with piano
20. a song with guitar
21. a song that's 10+ years old
22. a sleepy song
23. an abnormally catchy song
24. a song from your favorite game/series
25. your pick!

25 tracks
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