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Thai Jams


Introducer to Thailands pop/rock scene. As a new fan of the genre, i've compiled all of the songs that i love the most and are the easiest to like! Playlist centers mostly around recent hits.

12 tracks
5 comments on Thai Jams

As a Thai, I have to say GREAT JOB! I have to ask, are you Thai too? XD Everything about this mix is so Thai-- the song choice, THE COVER PHOTO, EVERYTHING! ชอบๆๆ ;) (One thing though, for some reason แข็งแรงไม่พอ by Bedroom Audio doesn't play :/ ) Please make another one! <3

@asaree Wow this comment made me so happy! I am actually not thai! After watching hormones the series i realized how great the thai pop-rock music scene was. i really think thailand is superior for their pop-rock ballads. Getsunovas discography is so impressive and they're my favorite. thank you for your comment & for the tip