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What I Orchestrated


"I believe in you all... Don't let the Mayor have his way... And I will rest easy."

Odd numbers are instrumental tracks, for a boy whose voice was silenced.
Even numbers are vocal tracks, for the things he never got to say.


Chocola here! I didn't think this guy's death would've hit me that hard, but suddenly I... Started making this playlist for him and got way more into it than I expected to. I'm even emotional as I'm writing this. He's a tricky character, but is still near and dear to my heart regardless. Even if this is the end for his role play career, (I think three groups would be overkill, literally? Haha!) I'm glad I got to use him here, and I'm glad you guys seemed to like him despite how short-lived (literally again) the experience was. Happy listening! I hope you like it!

13 tracks
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