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crucial star


here's a mini crucial star appreciation playlist which includes some of my favourite songs from his drawing #2 mixtape up till boyhood ((some songs are not available ;__; but i'll gradually add more songs!!)

  • 크루셜스타 (Crucial Star) – Love Yourself by Lemon1
  • AIA (Feat. 주영) by Crucial Star (크루셜스타)
  • 내 글라이더 by Crucial Star
  • I'm OK (생각보다) by Crucial Star
  • Boys To Men (Bonus Track) by 크루셜스타 (Crucial Star)
  • Owl (Feat. Donutman) 1집 Midnight by Crucial Star (크루셜스타)
  • Paris [Digital Single by Crucial Star
  • Kobe Bryant Hits by Golden Boy (Fospassin)
  • Flat Shoes (feat. Lovey) by Crucial Star (크루셜 스타)
9 tracks
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