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The Killian Legacy


This is a linear character study of Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook, from Once Upon a Time. His is a story of a wounded pirate facing countless trials. I simply wish that this playlist does this amazing character justice. It covers Seasons 2-5, but I will update it for each season Hook is in.
Hope you enjoy it,

Act I: Dutiful (Good Form)
Act II: Reckless
Act III: Vengeance
Act IV: Rift
Act V: Hope
Act VI: Fractured
Act VII: Asunder
Act VIII: Return
Act IX: Redemption

Updated 5•15•16

94 tracks
1 comment on The Killian Legacy

This playlist is total gold! I love it!!! the acts are really smart and everything is captain swan appropriate

@iswearitscanon Thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot to me. Hook's story definitely revolves around his relationship with Emma, so I'm glad you thought the CS fit well. And with the acts, I wanted people to be able to follow Killian's emotional journey easily, so the acts seemed like a nice way to accommodate that. Thanks again :)