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Reality is Overrated


Click play and find yourself in another world, whether you're solving mysteries in the streets of London or soaring through the sky on the back of a dragon or learning magic at Hogwarts. Send your imagination soaring, because sometimes reality is overrated.

My favorite tracks from some of my favorite movies and TV shows, what I listen to when I write. Like it? Check out Reality is Overrated II!

22 tracks
5 comments on Reality is Overrated

ive been listening to a lot of fantasy-themed playlists lately as i study for exams, and everytime a song from how to train your dragon comes on i get goosebumps.excellent selection!! really enjoying your mix :)

HEY, HEY, MY FELLOW UNICORN! I haven't even listened to this, but the first song is from Harry Potter, so it must be good! See you on the flip side! J.K. I'll see you Friday.