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journal writing & warm milk


it's late at night, you're feeling a bit nostalgic going through old photos, you pick up your journal and a pen, get yourself a glass of warm milk and begin writing.. Songs by Death Cab for Cutie, Barcelona & The XX.

21 tracks
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I'm just resting on my bed after arriving home from work, and my night is now full of slow tempo and relaxing songs. Thank you <3

Hi! I've listened to this mix countless number of times and i love it! (Also, where is the track Two Young Girls by VA found? I've googled Love movie with no substantial results :( )

@skelefishy aww thankyou!! glad that u liked it :) that track is from a taiwanese movie, you can try to google "愛 movie" a really cute romcom! highly recommend it

i get reqlly distracted while im reading/studying this is the only mix i can listen to without getting distractic i love it thank you so much