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Under The Drone


Caution! Extremely heavy dubstep! Recommended for all the baseheads out there. Face-melt, ear-bleeds, and bass orgasms are inevitable.

"Dubstep means low frequency music you have to feel to properly hear."
- Anonymous Dub-head

  • Electro (MineSweepa Remix) by Tim Ismag
  • MUD029 by Biome
  • Pressurized (Featuring P Money) by Alpha
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Bowsers Castle VIP)[FREE DOWNLOAD] by Coffi
  • Drones ft Mayor Apeshit & MC S by Liquid Stranger
  • Them by Truth
  • Marka Feat. Strategy (Exit Records) by Dub Phizix & Skeptical
  • Bun Ya by DRS, Dub Phizix, Skittles, Strategy, Fox, Chimpo, Rolla, Konny Kon and T-Man
  • Snitch (Sukh Knight VIP) [BOKA041] by Squarewave
  • Sleeper & District by War
  • Defected by Slaven
  • Primal by Pixel Fist
  • Fallout Zone (Out on Mean Seed) by dullatron
  • Acid Jungle (ft. Criba) by dullatron
14 tracks