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The Course


A playlist trying to capture the ups and downs of Drephan (on left, they/them) and Rancalagen's (on right, he/him) relationship.

(Note, that there are quite a number of 'love songs' even though this is listed as a queerplatonic relationship. This is largely because of Drephan's own emotions throughout their relationship, as they are panromantic and do in fact fall in love with Rancalagen for a time.)

9 tracks
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I really like this playlist, it's really cute! Your characters seem really cute, too. Would you mind explaining to me what you mean by "queerplatonic", please? Thank you. :)

@1funn Having a queerplatonic relationship means that two (or more) people share a relationship that is much more intense and intimate than what is considered normal for a friendship, thought for this, it is not classified in any way as a romantic. The relationship may or may not have some degree of physical intimacy at various times - but it doesn't matter, because that is not what the relationship is organized around. It's defined by the intensity and significance of the emotional connection between the people sharing the relationship. That is how I understand queerplatonic relationship, and I apologize if it's off kilter from what the actual definition is. But thank you very much for liking the playlist, and that you've taken some interest in my characters!