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Just Forget the World...


Those songs that just completely zone you out and make you forget the world. Best listened to full blast in the dark while laying on the floor. They're slow, though, beware. This is not a playlist for the impatient, but for those who are willing to wait. Mix of synthesized stuff, sad songs, and my favorite piano pieces :)

11 tracks
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I liked the first two songs but they weren't really the mood I was looking for. I thought about changing playlists but figured I should lose my last skip. Eric Whitacre? Exactly what I was looking for and I didn't even know it. Thank you for providing me with another great 8tracks experience.

First I really like this mix. It's very calm and lovely and amazing >_<
I have to say though, I've never heard this version of 9 Crimes? With the violin? It's lovely. Where did you find it?