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You Go Girl


These songs are your bests friend telling you you are the kindest, funniest person they know. It's your mom telling you that you are brilliant and smart and beautiful and that you can reach the stars. It's your loved one telling you that you are the light that makes them shine.
These songs are YOU telling yourself Hey, I'm one kick ass lady, and I can do whatever I damn well please, and Im goona do it lookin fine and with a some sass.

You got that test,
You're going to own that interview,
You are the master at dating and charm, how could he not love you?
You are going to own this day,

And hey sometimes you don't,
sometimes the days are tough,
but thats okay, cause you still got it,
and you'll get right back up,
wipe of your hands,
and continue on with a smile on your face.

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3 comments on You Go Girl

Love this playlist so so much and the songs are so uplifting and have made me feel better about myself. You should add more songs to the playlist. I will listen to this over and over again!! Thanks for this!!

@easpencer1 Thanks! I`m glad they helped! We all need to feel like the amazing confident beautiful women that we are! And I think music is an important influence to getting us there! ( and the women who sing these songs! We all deserve to feel like Beyonce!)

I love this playlist almost as much as I love the description :) I needed something like this!

@elinag Aw thanks! I'm glad that it helped :) These are the songs that I listen to when I'm feeling a little down and I hoped by sharing them that I could help others like they did me!