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vol ii, jongin.


vol.ii - a fanmix for the fanfic anterograde tomorrow by changdictator
vol.i >

ps. someone told me for some period of time this playlist was unavailable and turn out theyre on my unpublished playlist (i didnt do anything ok). i fixed it but i'm sorry for that! thank you.

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  • Slip Away by Nell
    But it’s as if you don’t know what is it that makes things so hard on me. It’s not the loneliness that is left alone, the tear stained heart, entwined moment, the one and only truth, It’s the sorrowfulness that everything that will be forgotten. I swell up at my image even erasing the memories. The image that I would get so familiar with. “I never meant to hurt you Only wanted to tell you” “That I am still in love with you”
  • Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
    I want so much to open your eyes, 'cause I need you to look into mine. Tell me that you'll open your eyes. All this feels strange and untrue, and I won't waste a minute without you
  • Chicago [Sufjan Stevens] by Jacobo López Castilla
    We slept in parking lots I don't mind, I don't mind I was in love with the place In my mind, in my mind I made a lot of mistakes In my mind, in my mind
  • Fallingforyou by The 1975
    Don't you see me? I, I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you Don't you need me? I, I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you And on this night and in this light I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you
  • Sleeping At Last By Turning Pages by Desire020209
    I surrender who I’ve been for who you are For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart
  • About You by XXYYXX
  • Hiding Tonight (Alex Turner Submarine soundtrack cover) by mFlem
  • Your Hand in Mine by headlinemusic
    Also, KYUNGSOO'S.
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