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○ softly ◎ glowing ○


The lights outside are glowing in the darkening dusk sky; the light inside your room is glowing softly; the light inside your eyes is always softly glowing.

a somewhat ambient playlist made of glow-y songs for chilling, meant to give off a dusk or dawn feeling. most is instrumental, but vocals are sprinkled here and there throughout it. it's a bit of a longer playlist.
(art credit: koto koto)

19 tracks
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@igar.mesh Ahh this is mostly just a playlist for songs that have a sort of glow-y sound to them and I just tagged it as 'sleep' since the lot of them are quiet and that one didn't seem too loud to me but I can see how it'd be startling. I'll most likely remove the tag but y'know, you just gotta find things through trial and error. I guess thanks for the critique?

@igar.mesh Looking back on my reply it does look a bit miffed, my apologies for that! Admittedly I was in a bit of a stressful place at the time. Anyhow I am glad you voiced your thoughts!