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Autumnal Audio


Everybody makes fall mixes it seems. So, like a cliff, I'm jumping off with them.
Twelve tracks that 'sound like' or remind me of my favorite season. Including music by Arcade Fire, Ted Hawkins, and Iron & Wine.

12 tracks
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Holy shit, that's you! I actually thought, "Poor fuck won't know my sarcastic grumbling voice," then I saw your nose. So you've decided to wade through knee-deep hipster trash on 8tracks, huh?

Yeah, just killing time at work and needed to find hipster trash music to entertain the ski movie crowd. This should fit nicely.

Wow, I feel so famous. Is it Banff? Awww, I really miss Laramie. Keep an eye out for Uncle Jay. You should play the Die Hipster Scum mix and lose your job : )

really enjoyable set. You've managed to work in 2 of my top five all time favorite artists into these 12 selections. nice! (waits & costello). ps-I'm ok with pics of SE Wyoming... sorry about the beetle blight though! Saw the same thing happen here in MI with dutch elm disease years ago.