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soundcloud salad bar


Mixed bag of indie rock recordings from contemporary Filipino music acts. That I liked in my Soundcloud account

  • Enveloped Ideas (The Dawn Cover) by Techy Romantics
  • SIDHI Under This Weather by SIDHI_Pilipinas
  • answering machine by DeathToPuberty
  • The color green by walk me home
  • Spacetalk (My Parasol) by Ellen Degenerate
  • Failure Of The Moment by CERUMENTRIC
  • Aurora St. by Neverdie
  • "Tiny Fractures" (Master Mix) by Identikit
  • The Best Song In The World (demo) by jaymanialong
  • no more guitar heroes by neverforgetthecause
  • Legarda by Farenheit 451
  • 40 Winks by Spazzkid
12 tracks
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