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the daily life in an imaginary universe

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your mixes are always so cute and springy and bubbly!!!! i love them all so much i listen to them all the time⭐️⭐️ where so you get such cute wonderful songs from ??

Oh my goodness, all of your mixes are so great!! they're especially perfect for studying, which unfortunately i'm stuck doing quite often nowadays TnT (but your playlists always help to make it a little less painful!) My favorite part though is how you add little annotations to some of the songs- it gives it a nice personal touch to your mixes, I can tell you put a lot of care in making them C:

@skelephone THANK YOU SO MUCH these are incredibly kind and thoughtful words!!! \(*T▽T*)/ the annotations!! i used to wonder if anyone actually reads them HAHA!! i'm so happy you like 'em!! i think it's fun to look back at my old playlists and see how i felt about a particular song during the time so i put those there ahaha. i am glad this playlist could mitigate your studying pains. i wish you the best of luck on your studies!! ٩(。•ω•。)و

Thanks for sharing this mix! It really helps me feel more optimistic, whether I'm driving to work or going for a walk or doing chores around the house. Love and cheers. <3

@everydayisafreshstart wonderful!! you're very welcome (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ it truly warms my heart that it helps you feel better!! well wishes to you!