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3 comments on new faces, old places vol. 3 (I TATTOOED YOUR NAME ON MY TONGUE THEN MY HEART SHATTERED)

My first doctor was Tennant. I've watched a couple Eccleston episode and he's adorable haha. For me, I love love love Donna. And all the gingers~ Yeah, me too I've been meaning to finish shows but I get bored so often, it's frustrating. I can see. You make a lot of mixes even though some of them have more listens than the others yet you still continue to put out mixes that you love and I love going through the mixes that varies so much. ^^ Those type of tributes are rare so I was happy to find you're because I've been meaning to listen to more xiah but have been lazy to go an adventure on YouTube lol. Sometimes I just want to listen to one person and all of their songs. I made a tribute (or is it?) for oneway since there's almost none of their songs on 8tracks :o You're welcome :D

Yeah! He was not what I was expecting but I grew to appreciate him. Eeeee Donna is everyone's fave ;; I have yet to see her, but I'm excited.

Ahaha half of me is all "join this fandom, you know you want to" and the other half is all "GO BE PRODUCTIVE" but that's so vague I always struggle with its application. Like I feel that I should be doing something useful, but then it makes me feel so guilty about wasting time I don't want to do anything and waste more's hard to explain but it's a big problem for me. D:

YT is okay but on a scale of 1 to 10 the amount I hate ads is ONE BILLION AND THREE. So 8tracks is much better for music purposes.

I never listened to Oneway's entire discography tbh /shame But what I've heard from Oneway is awesome, & I've begun to listen to your mix! It's giving off a good vibe already--great opening energy & the second song is even more catchy than the first ahhh ;;

Donna is AWESOME~~

Lol, I get ya. I've completely left all of my fandom behind to try and focus on schoolwork more but now all I do is watch korean drama and variety shows on my iPod and get less than 5 hours of sleep each night as I try to squeeze in some study session. I have terrible time organizing skill -__-

YT ad is annoying lol But I like being able to just around from one song to another and I *whispers* use ad-block.

Thank you for listening to it :D Tbh, by the middle and the end of the playlist I've given up on trying to make the whole thing flow well and just put in random songs I could think of while making the mix.

Haha Tennantette, that's cute. I don't think I've heard that before, but then, I'm way behind on the fandom lol. No worries, I'll make sure to listen it a whole lot more ^^ But yeah, why don't people listen to it?!?! It's like one of those rare mix with awesome songs. Really satisfies my rap craving. Btw am enjoying your xia mix a lot :)

Nah, it's cool! I've been meaning to get into Doctor Who for a while now. I liked Eggleston as the Doctor and I loved Rose!! So!! Much!! And everyone says it just gets better from there. I just have a somewhat low tolerance for watching TV, so it takes me years to finish a show sometimes...

Aww, you're a sweetie! ♡ But no pressure. To be honest I make playlists 100% for myself, so I don't care if it has all different or all similar artists as long as I want to listen to it, and if others like it too, that's great. I'm surprised that I gained so many followers; I wasn't expecting any. But even though it's all self-indulgent, some mixes have like 2k listens and some have only 2...popularity's a strange beast.

And yeah XIAH, a mix that...isn't a mix...well I make tributes to artists so it's convenient to listen to: same artist, but different periods in their career, different styles (before I heard his musical performances I didn't even realize how good he was, his voice shines more than in pop tracks) arranged to have a good least, that's the goal. Thanks for your kind words hun! :)

Thank you, my Tennantette! I was so worried 'cause before I posted I listened to it for like a week straight and every time it brought me greater joy and then no one listened to it compared to my other mixes... I'm very happy we agree that this music is love 'cause these mah jaaaaams you know what I'm saying?