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the never home girl; pt. 1


Inspired by the gem that is The Never Home Girl by thecirclesquare

what better way to immerse yourself into a certain era than to listen to music from that time?

this is in 2 parts because i didn't think mixing a playlist with really old songs and really modern songs would be that cohesive. part 2 will break your heart sorry lol

p.s don't listen to strangers in the nite and imagine delphine remembering her first dance with cosima just don't do it

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I love this playlist so much! It just fits so well with the fic! Thank you! Also, I totally did not get a little emotional listening to Strangers in the Night, thinking about Delphine remembering their first dance. Damn it dude! Right in the feels. Anyway, hella rad playlist. Can't wait for part 2!

@mack2468 thank you so so so very much OTL I tried so hard to make it fit well, had to ask older folks and do tons of lyric analyzing haha and oh my gosh i'm sorry for making you emotional, the whole thing makes me totally a little emotional ;A; haha part 2 comes out when the author updates ^^ thanks again!