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For you who just had your heart broken,

Allow yourself to grieve
Everybody has a strange view about grief, as though grieving is taboo
As though you have to laugh immediately after something bad happens
But no, just like the rain on the edge of twilight, you have to embrace the sadness
Every death needs mourning, as well as the love that just died
So, just do what broken-hearted people do
Cry until you can't hear your own voice, eat as much chocolate as you can, take a hot shower until your fingers go pale, go to a café with bleary eyes, and order a glass of sweet ice tea because coffee might be too bitter in times like this
Allow yourself to grieve
Cry as though this is the last time someone disappoints you
Cry as though you forget how to hope

It's ok not to be ok </3

- Raditya Dika -

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