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December 2016


The last month of 2016 came and went. This was a really great month, surrounded by festivities, family, food, drinks, gifts, laugher, kisses, and blessings. Thinking about this month gets me a little emotional, because I am so blessed. I celebrated a wonderful Christmas and New Years with my family and my boyfriend, went ice skating, had a good burger, gave and received some amazing gifts, got dressed up, dressed down, and managed to go to bed at 1am three nights in a row. And I'm not even the least bit tired. For most 2016 has been a shitty year. But I had a really good year, actually. I saw my puppy grow up, went to Mackinac, saw Drake, changed jobs and majors, turned 21, and managed to find the cutest sweetest guy. Here’s to 2016! This is the music I listened to/songs from this month.

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