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July 2016


what a month this was!!! so many changes, milestones, and discoveries. like with every month, July went by quick in the beginning. i left my old job of three years. i got a new, better paying, responsible job which i like a lot and i'm really hoping i don't fuck up in august. i spent a lot of july preparing for that. i ate a lot of ice cream, played pokemon go, and took my puppy to the groomers for the first time. i tried to meet new people and explore love and relationships. i had a crush on like 3 boys this month, and snapchatted a lot. i turned 21, which was such a happy, relaxed, cool day and i'm so blessed to have amazing friends and family. this month i traded the old for the new, and i'm happy.

this is what i listened to, for the most part.

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