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French Canadian Pining


A playlist for Jack Zimmerman, aka angsty french songs from his youth that run through his head when he can't admit his feelings for Bitty.

Image & characters by Ngozi, via

14 tracks
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This is awesome, and I'm really enjoying getting to know new French-language music! One note - it looks like you have "Mon chum Rémi" as the band and "Cowboys Fringant" as the song. (Also are they supposed to have an S at the end of their name?) Thanks for sharing! I always need more ways to cry about Jack Zimmermann :)

@jenesaispourquoi You're probably right about Mon chum Rémi/and les Cowboys, but unfortunately that's not one of the ones I uploaded so we're stuck with whatever the original soundcloud uploader person put, unfortunately. Re: En plein milieu de nulle part, IKR?? (Also I headcanon Quand les hommes vivront d'amour as being about Jack being afraid to come out I'M JUST SAYING.)