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dream chasers

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Honestly, this is one of the best playlists on all of 8tracks. It's one that I keep on coming back to for lots of occasions, whether it be studying, cleaning, or reading. It feels like you actually put some thought into the music you selected and how it's arranged. I love it so much!

i also want to add: i've been working on an instrumental mix myself and you made me discover some lovely choices/songs/artists i had never had the pleasure of hearing before, so double thank you.

i'm listening to this while studying spanish literature and, damn, this is great. i'm loving every single song. i love that you placed together both soft instrumental songs and lively ones (ex. ones that are usually used for emotional scenes in movies and ones that are usually used for action scenes, idk i'm not good at explaining stuff). i love this playlist

@youdiedloved With certain mixes, it's definitely easy to have a variety of songs that still manage to flow relatively well, and then there are others that tend to need to stay within a certain tone, and this one fortunately allowed me a little bit of wiggle room! I'm so excited to hear that you like the mix so much and that you were introduced to some new sounds with this mix! Thanks so much for commenting (:

I'm in love with this playlist. Such an incredible blend. Certainly got me through AP World summerwork. And corresponded quite nicely when I encounter the Aegean World.