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the throne is mine


in the mindset of the god of mischief, a timeline from thor to the avengers through thor: the dark world

tracks 1-3 : innocence
tracks 4-8 : betrayed
tracks 9-11 : KNEEL
tracks 12-15: imprisoned
tracks 16-19: victorious

19 tracks
7 comments on the throne is mine

I don't think there are any words to describe how amazing this mix is. The songs for the 5 different "phases" of Loki are just completely fitting and perfect, and I can literally feel his emotions through the music, you captivated his emotional journey so so well (seriously: how do you do it?) Love this and can't stop listening!

@daydreaming-actress You're so sweet aww! It's a mix of patience and being selective with songs and not publishing them until I'm satisfied, I'm not sure how else to describe the process(; I'm happy to hear you enjoy it so much!