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HappyHearted in the warmth.


A mix of soft and melodic, acoustically driven songs. Speaks to the winter soul inside all of us that longs to curl up with the person we love and a cup of coffee by a nice big fireplace while the winter snow falls outside.

12 tracks
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I've listened to this mix since December or January and its one of the best mixes still. thank you for creating this mix. It's really widened to what I listen to now.

passenger?!?!?! my favorite artist of 2012 - you've just become my favorite mix maker :D
keep up the good work, c'mon upload another mix!! I'd be thrilled to hear more work from you , pretty please??
wink ;)

Ahh! Everyone on this website is so awesome! This is my first mix but I will be working on some new ones over the next week. Thanks so much for the good feedback! :)