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masked rider azoth


"rider is not a warrior in shining armor knighted by the good king, he is a victim deformed due to the king’s own apathy and incompetence."

soundtrack for a planned campaign

heroes, monsters, magic, evil organizations and a whole lot of weird science

someday, i'll run world of darkness as it's meant to be played

38 tracks
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Okay, have you heard of Genius the Transgression? It's a fanmade WoD game based on mad science and it's really good.

@geckopirate It's based mostly on Showa-era Kamen Rider, using a Promethean hack mainly. Setting's World of Darkness, cyberpunk-style. I opened up Changelings and Demons for play as part of the concept, but my players are nerds so they all went for cyborg Unfleshed. It's still in the planning stages.