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I am independent / I enjoy the way you are. Eight tracks forming a total braindump; headphones suggested; including music by Atlas Sound, Tin Hat Trio and The Bees. Btrx ® approved!

8 tracks
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@Btrxz I added your stamp of approval ;-) Also, re:why no love? Mixes with the tag 'eclectic' have always done incredibly poor. I've made one mix that was one style only (with all the usual triphop suspects) and it went Platinum. Secretly all of my other mixes are eclectic, but people don't know they like more than 1 thing until you hit them over the head with some unexpected ska after a folk song! Also, thanks for listening :)

@Clor Re: eclectic mixes aren't popular. The reason for this, I think, is that internet music services are more often than not used to provide background music, and background music should not take center stage by being varied - ideally, the first track should tell you what to expect all the way through. This is behind the popularity of long mixes too - no need to get up and change the record. I would love to read some research into how people listen to internet music, though.