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The morning after thunder struck, you're better at joydriving a garbage truck. Things that rhyme appear to connect deeply, truly, forever. And not just last words rhyme but all events, people and music, remind me of seemingly unrelated stuff. There's a poet in everyone's brain ever growing toward and apart of reality. But all words change and no verse can rhyme forever. An attempt at rhyming the fluid looseness of conversational jazz. 8 tracks including Mama Rosin, Tony Allen, & Typhoon.

8 tracks
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@Btrxz Jazz is full of false notes, tones that go against the rule of 8 pitches allowed per octave. Oscar Peterson hits all 88 keys of the piano at least 3 times within the first 15 seconds, Tony Allen's song wobbles between unsafe and sound, Twerps keeps phasing in and out of tune - they all break through the sound barrier in their own way. If you listen as much music as you do, you become insensitive to this :)

@Btrxz And in a greater perspective, I like to collect songs that bring more than just a tune. Songs offering perspective, a light feeling, or songs that slap me in the face and reach out -- a therapy 'out of a tune'! Music provides a base when my thoughts become corrosive acids. That might seem an out-of-place material metaphor to describe such airy soundwaves; but then isn't music an out-of-tune metaphor itself, the way it captures and affects my reality? Hah, did I bluf myself out of that one! Anyway, thanks for your comments and for tuning in! ;-)

@Clor I don't believe in "colors that clash" or tunes that are "out of tune". Was all I was saying with that question. In music, I only hear tune never out of tune. :)