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I think the biggest mistake you can make is to take for granted there'd be a system implanted in the functioning of the world. Plans in mishaps, causal chance perhaps, structure in incidents and simplicity in dissonance. What clues does news churn out, what do you really learn about the world? I find a narrative, much too simple, too short, to explain in 300 words the entire world. The simplest system kills my interest and media's wisdom is nonexistent in anything lasting longer than an instant.

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Kiki Pau has taken me to very interesting places in more senses than one. I think the image is well-chosen for the sort of 'astral travel' thing that's going on for me. Really nice.

It's concept art for The Lion King! There's a very nice collection here: It's a lovely mix between an expressive style and the ever present contour shots so typical (and strong) to comics!

Concept art for movies is such an exciting genre: nice and surreal if you have no idea about the film, and an unusual take on familiar themes if you already like the movie. Great find!