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Start/stop/repeat. For: winters and loseters, running PR's, winning contests, applying to Stanford, being unable to relax, good times, bad news; antidote to: too loud music at parties, deadlines (no, not really), stress. That's about as mysterious as I can make the past month. Eight tracks including music by Alabama Shakes, Steve Gunn and White Denim.

8 tracks
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@aproragadozo Always complaining about how my mixes are too short :P Was it really less than 8 tracks this time? Well caught, it's the atomium in Brussels under the foggiest conditions I've been in all year! Happy holidays :)

@Btrxz I applied for a PhD in geophysics with reasonable chance of acceptance, but nothing is final and I still need to see if I really want to go to that crazy country of yours ;-) Thanks for listening!