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PK jamming out!


Since i'm unable to draw or write due to my right eye wanting to make fourth contact on another plane of existence, I made an EB playlist to help not pay attention to the pain.

Some songs may be open for interpretation, though I have in mind what I meant when putting them in. Some songs maybe be easier to understand why I put them in more than others, so I suggest listening with an open mind and ears I guess.

Songs will be added as I find them btw!

  • Aliens Exist by blink-182
  • I'm Coming Home (Arion Dubstep Remix) by Skylar Grey
  • Coming Home, Pt. II by Skylar Grey
  • Turn The Lights Off by Tally Hall
  • Earthbound (On The Way To Twoson ) by hitomitchi
  • Blue ocean floor layer by Justin-Timberweed
  • HAW HAW HAW by octaheadra
  • Odds Are Barenaked Ladies by Barenaked Ladies
  • Mr Pinstripe Suit by Burn's Project
  • It's The End Of The World As We Know It by IPC Sound Room
  • Overland Blues by cashyo
11 tracks
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