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i'm not your hero.

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"Yeah...No one would believe a story like that..."

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  • REMAIN NAMELESS (Fraud Fix Remix) by Fraud Fix
    I know everybody lets you down and I'll do the same | But know I'll always be around, this can remain the same
  • Discord the living tombstone by StormyDaze
    Discord, whatever did we do to make you take our world away? | Discord are we your prey alone or are we just a stepping stone for taking back the throne?
  • Until The End by Quietdrive
    Eternity is so beautifully cold | I wonder if angels ever feel old
  • Parachute Cover by Hurricane
    If you close your eyes it doesn't mean you fell asleep | Oh and I could keep you out but you're never really going to leave
  • Hold Me Now by Red
    Am I alive or just a ghost? Haunted by my sorrows | Hope is slipping through my hands
  • Roads Untravelled Acoustic by Linkin Park
    Give up your heart left broken and let those mistakes pass on | 'Cause the love that you lost wasn't worth what it cost and in time you'll be glad it's gone
  • Deathbed by There For Tomorrow
    I fell asleep on your deathbed in a hole where your head rests | I'm your saint, will you be my saviour?
  • The Silence ( Acoustic Music Video ) ( by Mayday Parade
    Even though the world she loves, it won't ever be the way it was | Every night she cries and dies a little more each of time
  • End by Secondhand Serenade
    I tried to be, I can't get you out of my lonely mind | I'm suffering, how did I die?
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