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Songs for Stanford, Stanley, and Fiddleford: A moody mix about estrangement, haunting memories, and regret.

(In the annotations Grunkle Stan = Stanley, Portal/Author Stan = Stanford)



Comment if you enjoyed or if you think certain lyrics have another meaning I didn't bring up in my annotations! I'd love to hear! Let's see if any of the timeline/ideas is accurate after Monday! I'm so excited!

13 tracks
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Love it! Love it so so so much and sums the trials of the three up very well! The right kind of moody-I've heard some playlists that used way too much angst (and overtly depressing songs), but this is great in the feel of the lyrics and the beats of the songs. And I love you included American Pie ;)

@Puppycrunch Thanks I'm glad you liked it :) I'm quite happy with how the atmosphere for this one turned out too! I tried to follow each person through their life, which made me want to make individual playlists for each of them..(Fiddley's is already posted, still working on Ford's and Stan's haha) I find a lot of the time one playlist will somehow gives birth to ideas for more haha.