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Love is a Drug


One track including music by GlobalAirbeatz.

  • Love Is The Drug (Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra) [Jiggy Hendrix Remix] by Jiggy Hendrix
  • Jambo Jambo Jambo (Jesse Steinberg RMX) by Godlike Music Port
  • Selena Gomez by Slow Down
  • Skillet Not Gonna Die (with Interlude) by david agoubi
  • On Your Name (Remixes) Teazer by Dino MFU Feat. Slick Beats
  • "Keep The Fire" Ashley Wallbridge feat. Elleah (Sean Tyas Remix) by ElleahMusic
  • Under by Alex Hepburn
  • Bryan Ferry (Soulful Spider Redux) by Love is the Drug
  • Love is a Drug by Ipaneema
9 tracks
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