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Spread The Flavour.


A collection of some of my favourite Indie / Alternative Rock songs that are quirky, upbeat and fun. Some of these songs are from little known bands; I hope you grow to enjoy them as much as I do. Here's to the toe tapping!

Features Young The Giant, The Boxer Rebellion, Walk The Moon & More!

Why not leave a comment & let me know what you think? Enjoy!

15 tracks
3 comments on Spread The Flavour.

until now ive had always had a hard time expanding MY music library cause my aunt an uncle kept me locked in a broom culbaprd under the stairs but now since a magical school has invited to go there theyve let me out and ive somce doacovered this magical interweb and music library is facking EXPLODING I LISTENED to every single song on this list TWO times!!

Until now I have always had a hard time expanding my music library. Thanks to this mix tape, I am able to discover new songs that I really enjoy and so far I enjoy listening to every single song in this list!