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one break


“I love you,” he whispers breathless against the lips of his lover. Pale, chapped lips that curl into a hesitant smile, and very sad gray eyes that look up.

“I know.” Eren’s grin falls. “I’m sorry.”

For a fic I've never written. I'm not sure if all the annotations work well, even as I've checked it myself, but if not I'm willing to make a tumblr post with them, if anyone is curious, IDK.

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I seriously love this mix. Every song made my heart hurt in the best possible way and I absolutely loved the little annotations you added. You have such good taste in music and ahhhh I just really love this! Great job!

@jjibunrock Thank you so much! Ahaha, I actually made this so long ago and I wasn't too proud of it, but to know that you enjoyed it makes me smile!!