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Mashup Maddness! 2

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i missed matt & kim at bumbershoot this year because i slept in. D: thanks for this mix though it was so wonderful it healed my afternoon

Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys v. Matt& Kim)
Daylight (Matt&Kim)
That Oprah Freestyle - Swizz Beatz
Dirt off Your Shoulders (Bittersweet Symphony)
A millie v. AFI
Diva - Beyonce
Like Me - Girlicious
Dance Dreams (Lady Gaga v. Eureythmics) - Divide and Kreat
Somebody's Watching Me! - Mysto n Pizzi
Upgraded Lollipop - DJ Olsborg
Down with all the Sober Freaks - Germany
Busta Rhymes v. Gerudo Valley Theme - Team Teamwork
Austin Bootleg (Austin Powers Mash) - DJ Le Clown