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dark appreciation


Yo so apparently, today is World Goth Day. I don't know what that means for society, but for me, I'm going to honour my younger self with a mix. Stylistically, I don't completely identify with goth culture as much as I used to, but the music still holds a near and dear place on my iPod, and in my heart AND I still wear a whole lotta black, so there's that. Also, whomever said goth kids don't dance, lied. 9 tracks. /

9 tracks
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lmao i'm gonna check this out just now! and I don't mind shameless self promotion how else am i gonna hear about things! lol

sometimes I wish I was like 17 in 1990 so all the dope shit in every genre that came out around those times, i could have had a first hand experience, instead of watching my parents have all the fun - going out, getting hammered, DJing and partying.. instead i was like 6 - at home eating KFC and playing monopoly. lame! haha.

very close actually. I was 16 in 1990. it was fun, but damn I love having my iphone and 8tracks now. completely incomprehensible in 1990.