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for those who are conflicted about telling the truth


listen to these people tell their truth. then go tell yours. don't be afraid to talk about your life if that's what you want to talk about. 10 tracks. /theblanketreviewer

10 tracks
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thanks & hell yeah! I've always wondered how it's done. You'd take my duewets virginity.. *gets ready to be broken in*

yay! and wow! what an honour that would be! i'll get you on twitter or in a day or so, and we can work something out - any themes or genres or whatever that you want to throw out there? *lubes up* :-P

mmm oh mannn *gets excited* lmaoooo _ it'd be an honor for me! well you know I love me some trip-hop girl, i also wouldn't mind any downtempo, hip hop, grime, ragga, dnb and stuff // but those are all safe zones _ so how about some like bollywood, pakastani, arabic grooves, french or italian downtempo or like umm latin reggae or some shit, i love that kinda music but my catalog on some of those fronts are mad limited so i'm ready to be opened up. theme: first word that came to my mind was soaking -- i guess i wanna be wet for some reason. i'm a freak. lol / but yeah get at me!