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Post-Bar, Pre-Bed 12


Yo y'all so it's 5:30AM and my feet are killing me. Jesus! I had a bomb night out with my homegirls and it was a good ass time.. but one thing I don't get tho is this obsession with the term "YOLO".

The majority of us have done been out here living - so why the constant reminder? We're living yo - we can't live no mo than we're already living. Yolo-mentality is how you justify a mistake and die. Think about that. Hope your Friday night was dope. 9 tracks. /

9 tracks
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I personal don't use YOLO but, What I take from it is don't put things off. Do it cause you want to and don't put it off. Don't always be pragmatic and level head and put things off cause you are thinking to much about it. Do it when the inclination is there. sorta in the vain of carpe diem. There is my 2cent buddy!

Actually, every time someone says yolo in my presence from now on I'm gonna say Carpe Diem till they get vex and shut up lol