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Industrial assault

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@Athene_Noctua I hate Limp biz shit as much as you do but my opinion on BLB is different than yours. Borland is the only member of Limbizkit who have actual talent.If you listen objectively the album Cruel Melody your will see it 2.Trent Reznor and Jame Maynard Keenan asked him to be they tour guitarist when he quit Limbizkit.And the other members of Black light burns are actual or former band members of NIN ,Puscifer,A perfect circle,Rammstein,and Josh Freese he's like a drum god everybody wants to play with this guy even Sting.So the fact that you hate Borland is not a good enough reason to bash on this band. And by the way ,he's been voted 37th on the top 100 best guitarists of all time by Total Guitar Magazine......................................and I don't know Primitive Race yet but i will check it out thanks!

Although, obviously, I don't condone torture - mostly (though I do think someone should give Obama et al a taste of their own medicine). My greatest wish - one of many greatest wishes - would be that someone - ANYONE- would do everything humanly possible to prevent Wesley Borland EVER entering a recording studio again!

or face certain death - I'd shoot myself! Apparently, the US govt is/was using NIN to torture detainees at Gitmo, obviously nobody's introduced the CIA to Borland. 30s - if that - of BLB, and they'd be squealing like hogs!

I dunno… The Who. Whoever told Borland he had talent and should give the music biz a shot, frankly should be shot. If I had to choose between listening to BLB or Limp Bizkit

I assume you're using "the best" to describe Black Light Burns in an ironic sense. I had to force myself to listen to 'Mesopotamia' cos I'd used up both me skips for the hour and, I have to say summat inside me died, that's 3.5m of my life I'll never recover. How you can consider BLB worthy to sit alongside Ministry, Reznor, Skold, KMFDM, Static-X, Fear Factory, Die Krupps, et al, I've not the foggiest - you may as well speak of One Direction in the same breath as, I