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Alec Lightwood


The transformation of Alec Lightwood throughout the novels .

For those who don't understand French, the one song in French that I have recounts the friendship between Jace and Alec from Alec's point of view. My favourite part of it is this:

"Mais si tu penses
qu’il est déjà trop tard
essai de grandir un peu
tout le monde à le droit de finir heureux
Et si tu crois
que tout le monde t’abandonne
regarde autour de toi
regarde moi"

"But if you think
That it's already too late
Try growing up a bit
Everyone has the right to end happy
And if you think
Everyone's abandoning you
Look around you
Look at me."

It's nicer read when it rhymes and flows but that's the general meaning.

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