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Crown of Awesome

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Yes it helps! Thank you! I couldn't seem to find anything that explained that very well. I never knew transgender could affect the voice. Thank you!

Okay so I'm kinda new to the SPG fandom, and I'm wondering if you can do a better job of explaining Rabbit to me then their sight can? She's played by a girl but sounds like a guy? Or did Rabbit change people who where playing her? Is Rabbit really the one singing Honeybee then? IM SO CONFUSED!!!

@kitsune2000 Rabbit has always been played by the same person, Isabella Bennett. Your confusion is stemming from the fact that Isabella is a trans woman, meaning her voice doesn't sound traditionally feminine! And recently (around the beginning of 2014) Rabbit became a trans woman as well to reflect Isabella's gender. The informational page for Rabbit ( states that in the spg lore, she "wasn't always a girl" but she now is (and should always be refereed to as such)! Rabbit is definitely the one singing Honeybee. I hope that clears things up!