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The Only Constant


a collaborative fandom playlist for Chloe and Clark

All songs are chosen by tumblr users cherryswansxo, chloisverse, firebunny3000, jlvsclrk63, sheliana28, tvandme and fan forum user leytongirl23.

  • Hazy by Rosi Golan
  • Be My Baby by Michael Bublé
  • Jason Mraz (ft. Colbie Caillat) by Lucky
  • Good Enough by Evanescence
  • Oliver James (Cover) by The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • The Special Two by Missy Higgins
  • It Was You by 12 Stones
7 tracks
1 comment on The Only Constant

ouch. this is making me need to rewatch smallville. oh my god. this is beautiful, thanks to everyone who contributed c: