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Have you ever wanted to listen to music but can't do homework with distracting music? Me too. Here is what I go to. All songs without words. Some Classics. Some Randoms. No Words.

30 tracks
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1. The Stranger RJD2
2. Cedar MF Doom
3. African Pirates Nightmares On Wax
4. Common Ground Andy McKee
5. Genesis Justice
6. Switch Up Pretty Lights
7. Mandrake MF Doom
8. Moby Dick Led Zeppelin
9. The Missed Symphony Infected Mushroom
10. frankenstein edgar winter group
11. Metropolis Zion I
12. Grape Juice City Ratatat
13. Black Mountain Side Led Zeppelin
14. Flavor Crystal 7 Joe Satriani
15. For Mom Buckethead
16. Love Speakeasy Reflection Eternal
17. Spits Common Market
18. sneakin' out the hospital beastie boys
19. Grux Dave Matthews Band
20. Mushallah Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
21. Celestial P.O.D.
22. Axel F Bass Frog
23. Jessica The Allman Brothers Band
24. Stay Pretty Lights
25. Kampo Common Market
26. Manhattan Skyline David Shire
27. Remnants Disturbed
28. Cadillac Andre Nickatina
29. Sexual Healing (Alternate 12-inch instrumental) Marvin Gaye
30. The Power Cosmic 2000-Part II Joe Satriani
31. Spits Common Market
32. Hunter Sunspot Jonz
33. Tako Blue Scholars