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Totally done for


"I'm right here by your side! We're here, both of us, alive!"

A damsel in distress, a reaper, and a dead man walk into a bar....

Except the bar isn't a bar and the dead man lives far more than anyone.

17 tracks
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thank you for doing this i love you i've been working o an immortal rain playlist FOR MONTHS but i never have enough confidence in it, but seeing this mix gives me hope! really great mix

pdojfpdojfdo OH MY GOD
kindred hard working/suffering Immortal Rain fan!!! reaches
thank you so much for the love, I'm ;~; PLEASE HAVE HOPE AND KEEP WORKING AT IT I believe in you, completely! Just knowing there is another...I'll keep an eye out for your mix as well <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN I AM OVER THE MOON ily