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What is the television experience without music? Here are the strange sounds of some of my favorite shows.

  • Game Of Thrones (80's TV Theme) by Highway Superstar
  • The Walking Dead (FREE) by Rameses B
  • Sit On You (Flying Lotus Remix) by Tim and Eric
  • THE X by The X
  • Inspector gadget (Optobot Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by OPTOBOT
  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace theme (Occams Laser remix) by FREE DOWNLOAD
  • Snuff Box Theme by Matt Berry
  • The Powerpuff Girls Theme Hip Hop REMIX! by *That Kidd*
  • The Boondocks Theme (Trap Remix)_2 by JKush619
  • Twin Peaks Remix by Miss Tuna
  • House of Cards Theme [hunkE Instrumental Remix] by hunkE
  • Francis Ford DePalma by Francis ford depalma
  • ADVENTURE TIME REMIX Dungeon (FREE DOWNLOAD) by korenstalnaker
  • Sunstep by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Theme Remix)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme (Hip Hop Remix) by Sparks Dynamite
  • Dayman Remix by John Rezas
16 tracks
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