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not only is this Amazing, it has nightclothes, which I've heard in a many chara asriel playlists(it's one of the best songs in the universe) and it never never gets old. any playlist with this song I will Love, but it's used in a way that doesn't take away anything from the other songs. again, wonderful playlist!

listening to this again for the first time in months and? what sarah said/shiva still kills my sad gay ass and i'm always going to hold nightclothes against you

Ok i know i already commented on this but it is literally one of my favourite mixes on this site and really deserves higher praise. i honestly love the whole vibe of the playlist and the way the songs just flow perfectly together. theyre honestly really great and i feel like they describe the relationship between chara and asriel really well. i think ive downloaded about half the songs on here already. thank you so much for making this mix aa