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Exotic Tranquility


Great playlist to mellow out to and jam on some underrated bangers. The songs are a big soup of exotic baby makin' music, at least in my eyes, so get ready strap up and jam out with your clam out.

22 tracks
6 comments on Exotic Tranquility

How do you discover all of these amazing songs. Your playlists are seriously addicting.... I would die if you created .zip drives of these. Keep up the phenomenal work, thank you.

Haha thanks girl. You just gotta delve deeper than deep into some certain genres I guess. I usually find related artists to some of the other shit I find and research those motha lickas. Since I have a weekly radio show I am forced to find new music on the daily, which can get tiring at times sifting through all the shitty shit to find a couple good songs. Suscribe to blogs, youtube channels etc. Plus I'm bored as shit 95% of the time, so I just smoke and look up music hahah

Well whatever musical goldmines you are searching it is working for you. There is not a mix that you have made that I don't love. I'm going to tune in to your radio show. Thank you!